ABOUT DealToday.pk

DealToday.pk is excited to bring you Bids, the most innovative, and exciting way to shop online where you can bid and buy your favorite brands at savings of up to 90% or more. Here a few DTCoins and a small entry fee can take you a long way, if you’re quick enough!

Known as the pioneers of the e-commerce industry of Pakistan, DealToday.pk has been providing customers with the best deals on thousands of products and services since 2012. Now with Bids, you’ll get a chance to shop the same great deals, but at an even lower price! For the first time ever, you’ll be able to bag the biggest labels in auto, fashion, beauty, gaming, travel, electronics, home appliances and so much more at unbelievable prices.

Winning is always great, but in case you don’t win, we won’t let you go home empty handed. You can simply click the “Buy Now” option during or right after the bid and purchase the product you’re playing for at it’s original price. We promise, you’ll never pay more than the market price for any product listed on our site and the best part is that every time to take advantage of the “Buy Now” option, we’ll give you a full refund of all the DTCoins you used to play for that product - So, what are you waiting for? Let’s bid and win at DealToday.pk!

And what if you don’t want to buy the product? That’s not a problem either! We’ll simply reload 80% of the coins you spent on bidding back into your DealToday.pk account after 23 hours so you can play again.

Our aim is simple, we want you to get your hands on your favourite brands without having to break the bank.

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