Tips To Win

  • Get a stable internet connection

    Get a stable internet connection and make sure your laptop is charged.

  • Check Bid Schedule

    Make sure you check the bid schedule ahead of time so you know what items are up for bid each day.

  • Purchase many DTCoins

    Buy many DTCoins before you start bidding to avoid running out during the bid.

  • Pay attention

    Stay focused and keep free of distractions while you bid.

  • Watch the timer

    Click on “bid now” when the timer is close to one second for a higher chance to win.

  • Bid strategically

    Bidding rapidly will only waste your coins so bid strategically.

  • Keep a check on the time

    Try bidding at different times of the day - some bids are easier to win depending on the time.

  • Bid for our DTCoin packages.

    Look out for bids on our DTCoin bundles for a chance to stock up on DTCoins at a low price.

  • Don’t let your DTCoins go to waste

    If you don’t win the bid, click “Buy Now” to purchase the product for its original price and get a full refund of all the DTCoins you used to bid for that particular product.

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